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ProfitWheel's platform enables unpacking of rich audience insights to build more relevant connections using the power of your first party data, behavioral and predictive audience insights in one single platform.

Consumer Insights


Enrich your audience intelligence strategies by knowing more about your first party data sets.

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Rich Audience Insights

Know more about your audiences’ passions and content consumption across different platforms.

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Predictive Intelligence

Focus on high-propensity audiences and exclude low value ones.

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Single Customer View

Engage more of the right audiences using our single customer view.


ProfitWheel's is designed to act as an aid to marketers to interpret their first party data in a variety of different ways. It enables marketers to discover unique audience interests and test new strategies to help marketers enable their brands to find their next most valued audience in the most effective way.

Understand your potential customers intents via search, social, content & commerce signals


Our Market Finder helps marketers identify their next best market to scale their products and connect with new and potential customers.

Discover a whole new locale, down to the zip code or scaled up to a new location for you to discover, unpack, deploy and scale your communication to even before you officially set up shop or presence there.


Discover your next best market 

Our Market Expander taps into near real time insights across a multitude of audience based platforms to provide rich and strategic audience insights that has helped brands discover new audiences and scale in new geographies.

Measure similarities in audiences


Decipher audience overlaps & similarities

The audience comparison tool in ProfitWheel’s Consumer Intelligence Engine enables marketers to compare two 1st party segments side by side in a single insights card. This helps you to understand which audiences may fit an advertiser’s needs more closely or how similar or dissimilar two segments could be.


love ProfitWheel


Raphael Rivilla

Chief Media Officer, Marcus Thomas, LLC

    Marcus Thomas clients have benefited from ProfitWheel’s technologies not just by way of gaining transparency into walled gardens, unpacking 1st party data, scaling in domestic and international markets but also helping in non transactional, mid & upper funnel media activation.

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